Boxing Star: K.O Master Pre-Launch Event

Boxing Star: K.O Master meets Chris John and Paris Pernandes

3 names, 1 program, and 1 goal unified in Boxing Star: K.O Master pre-launch event at Wyl's Kitchen Pakubuwono, South Jakarta, August 15 2022.

This event is held to explain about the CSR program initiated by Majamojo in collaboration with Chris John Foundation to promote and stimulate the boxing scene in Indonesia which used to had plenty of great national boxers whose are quite a force to be reckoned. Although it is somewhat forgotten these days, history remembers all the glory and their proud achievements.

Some other programs that also will be held are the establishment of boxing gym, audition and scouting for youth athletes across regions, that would secure the existence of boxing as a sport in Indonesia as well as the welfare of veteran boxers. This program, as the result of synergy between Majamojo and Chris John Foundation, will come to reality in the last trimester this year.

Paris Pernandes, who is well known for his jargon "Salam dari Binjai", is also present in the event. Visitors got the chance to take a picture with him and he did livestream with Chris John on his TikTok @parispernandeds_

Boxing Mania, what are you waiting for? Come and be part of Boxing Star: K.O Master and stay in touch with all the latest news in our social media account. Stay tuned for the official launch of Boxing Star: K.O Master on August 18, 20222 at Google Playstore.

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