Prince Lee Special Edition "Secret Island"

A Story of a Romantic and Mysterious Adventure on an Uninhabited Island

Hi Memoirs,

Prince Lee and Princess Tiara are on a temporary vacation for a short break on an uninhabited island. They have fun without having to care about what people think. However, a feeling of restlessness begins to emerge when many strange things happen. Their short vacation ends when they try to get off the island but always fail. It was as if they weren't allowed to leave. Were they really alone on the island? Follow their story in Memories' new story, Secret Island (Lee Special), and try to get a happy ending!

Starting September 22, Memories will present many other new events and promos, namely:

  1. New Mission
    • Login daily and read Secret Island (Lee Special) to get MORE diamonds.
    • Period: 22 September - 05 October 2022
  2. Special Discount “Prince Pack”
    • Get 95 Diamonds and 1 Key only by purchasing a Prince Pack of IDR 40,500 (67%).
    • Period: 22 September - 19 October 2022
  3. Extra Bonus Diamond for purchases via the Website
    • By making a purchase via the Majamojo website at, you can get additional Diamonds for a certain period.
    • Period: September 22 - October 19, 2022.

    Don't miss it, Memoirs!

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